Brian Call from Odessa, Florida is coming to ORLX10!

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five Plus One

Performing: Friday and Saturday Main Dances

Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five

We are excited to welcome Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five back to ORLX X, this time with a Plus One! The seven piece band will be providing your favorite swinging jazz and blues tunes live at the Friday and Saturday evening dances.

About the Band: In October 2012, vocalist Chelsea Reed brought five of her friends together to play some tunes in a South Philly dining room. Secretly, her plan was to form a band that played for swing dancers, so she could finally have the chance to sing her favorite songs for an audience that loved early jazz as much as she did. Since that fateful afternoon, those unsuspecting handsome men have comprised the Fair Weather Five: Noah Hocker on trumpet, Chris Oatts on saxophone, Jake Kelberman on guitar, Joe Plowman on bass, and Austin Wagner behind the drums.

Now, Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five are at home at swing dances, jazz clubs and concert halls alike. They have played renowned Philadelphia venues like the Kimmel Center and World Cafe Live in addition to touring around the country in a trusty blue van. They love exploring the roots of jazz and finding creative ways to interpret forgotten songs. Drawing upon the influence of artists such as Bessie Smith, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, Chelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five bring the intensity and passion of early jazz to every stage they play to put on one heck of a show.

ORLX X's Music Coordinator

Tim Korkuc
Tim Korkuc Tim has been Djing for several years and has attended all but the first ORLX. He has been a part of the Orlando dance scene for years and is extremely proud to be a member of this great and fun community. He hopes that you enjoy the music and really hopes that you will keep coming back to visit Orlando for years to come.


Hurley Francois
Hurley Francois Hurley enjoys listening to "hot jazz" music, and those old syncopated rhythms. He has been gradually building his collection of swing music ever since, and is totally amazed and humbled by the never-ending wealth of great music just waiting to be heard. But aside from that, he likes to play whatever he thinks will keep people dancing- whether it's chunky, up-tempo, or even contemporary swing. Some of his favorite artists include the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Chick Webb, Django Reinhardt, Mildred Bailey, Muggsy Spanier, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Coleman, Count Basie, Fats Waller (of course), Bob Crosby, as well as Wingy Manone. His love for both the music and dance will make him an exciting DJ that dancers will appreciate.

Jony Navarro
Jony Navarro Jony fell in love with jazz almost four years ago when he started dancing. Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa, it didn’t matter, if it was jazz he wanted it. His first love was Cats and the Fiddle, but as he matured (well let’s be honest, he’s not that mature) his love moved to sounds of Artie Shaw and Jimmie Lunceford. Jony has DJ’ed all over the Southeast with up-tempo jazz ready for you to dance your heart out to, this weekend will be no different!

Sera Russell
Sera was introduced to Swing dancing and it's music when a friend at the ballroom studio that they danced at dragged her to her first Lindy event and she hasn't looked back since! She regularly dj's Lindy and Blues in her home scene of Panama City and neighboring scenes of Tallahassee and Pensacola. She loves to mix up strutting, slow drag and ballroomin blues to give people many styles to dance to as well as swing dancing to New Orleans jazz."

Dave Barry
Dave first cut his DJ chops at the Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore under the stressful and terrifying tutelage of Michael Seguin and Sarah Sullivan. Completing the circle of life, he now runs the Jazz Den in Richmond, Virginia so he can yell at his own DJs. Dave's music can only be described as having "oomph" starting with classic swing and ending with a groovy twist. He is not associated with the humor columnist from the Miami Herald but is happy to do book signings anyway.

Lindsay Kelly
Lindsay stumbled upon the world of swing dancing in 2007 and was instantly hooked. A long-time dancer and avid lover of jazz music, she was thrilled to find a place where these two passions met. Since then she has learned as much as she could, immersed herself in the history and culture, and honed her ear for the music. As a DJ, she enjoys playing music from the artists that inspired the original dancers, and modern day collections that embody the same spirit. And after living in the northeast for the last two and a half years, she is thrilled to be flying home for ORLX 10!

Dave Fuerte
Legendary for founding and coordinating Holy City Blues in Charleston, SC, Dave Fuerte has been DJing blues and swing events across the Southeast since 2011. His passion for Jazz, Gospel, Soul,and Blues drives him to find those tunes that will have you foot-tappin’, booty-waggin’, and feelin’ good all night long.

Aryn Rathbone
A long-time lover of jazz, Aryn first became enamored with swing dancing in 2012 when she realized it meant she could dance to Duke Ellington. Since then, she’s sought to find music that inspires that same joy and curiosity so she can share it with others. Wanting to keep feet happy while honoring the spirit of this magical dance, Aryn primarily plays jazz from – or in the spirit of – the swing era. While you can usually find her spinning tunes in her home scene of Tampa, she has also served as a DJ at events such as City Girl Swingout, Seminole Stomp, and The Balboa Experiment.

Frankie Pereda
Frankie started DJing swing dances a year ago in Seattle. His dancing and DJ mentors there instilled in him a deep love and respect for vintage swing jazz. Expect music from the greats of the swing era, and modern artists in the style of the greats. Definitely music to get people swinging out.

Jason Platt
JayJay Plizatt Dearest Observer,

My name is Jason Platt, Disc Jockey. I have not yet obtained permission to write this bio. When I do, this sentence and the one before it could be removed.
I grew up in what I assume was a small town on the dark side of Mars. It is hard to see there, so it is possible that the town was large. I became enamored with music at a young age, back when Mars had an atmosphere. Since there was no electricity and no natural light, my turntables were my life. I was noticed in my young adulthood by a miscreant space pirate with a heart of gold. She flew me across the galaxy, and we listened to dubstep. It was with her that I learned the art of reading the atmosphere in a room and playing appropriate songs.
Thousands of years ago, we arrived back at Mars. In the 1850's, I invented swing, but my pirate friend stole my technology and traveled to Earth in the early 1900's to unleash it upon the humans. Now that I have finally mastered the art of wingless flight, I have come to Earth to claim what is rightfully mine. Behold my debut as a swing DJ at ORLX, for it is I, Jason Platt of Mars, inventor of swing.

Warmest regards,
Jason Platt of Mars, inventor of swing

Rusty Phillips

Les J Wardell

Callie Gieck